Associate members are persons recognized for their expertise in the field of fiscal and financial criminal law who wish to become involved in the working groups at the Institute.

They should be practicing or should have practiced for at least 5 years one of the following professions:

  • Lawyer;
  • Magistrate;
  • Professor of Law, Finance or Economics at a University;
  • Lecturer/Conference speaker;
  • Chartered Accountant;
  • Solicitor/Notary;
  • Former Public Finance Director;
  • Or any other administrative, legal, financial, accounting or judicial function within the field of the Institute’s activities.


Anyone who has been practicing or has practiced any of the following occupations for at least 5 years may apply for Membership:

  • Lawyer,
  • Magistrate,
  • Professor of Law, Finance or Economics at a University,
  • Lecturer/Conference speaker,
  • Chartered Accountant,
  • Solicitor/Notary,
  • Former Public Finance Director,
  • Any other administrative, legal, financial, accountancy or judicial function within this field of activity.


and enjoy the benefits reserved for members including:

  • A community of experts,
  • Participation in webinar meetings,
  • Reports from the working groups,
  • The opportunity to put technical questions to the Institute or request the relevant feedback.

The annual fee is 120 €

If you have any additional questions, send us a message or annotations via the form opposite;

idpf pdf documentor, if you want to continue and make your application for membership directly, you can download the form below (click here)

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